Social networking is everywhere. Many people spend at least a few minutes of their day using the sites and the features that it provides to them. Interested in upping your social media knowledge? The 10 facts below provide useful information that can help you thrive in today’s digital world. If you’re ready to learn the social media facts you should know to succeed, grab a soda and bag of popcorn and read this valuable information.

1- More than 27 million pieces of content is shared on social media sites each day. This content is shared by both individuals and businesses, as well as influencers and celebrities.  Content includes posts, articles, videos, etc.

2- 78% of all social media users watch at least one video each week, although most people watch several videos each week. Over 60% of users watch videos via social networking daily.

3- More than 95 million photos are uploaded to Instagram each day! That’s a whole lot of photo-snapping going on!

4- People ages 55-64 are twice as likely to engage with brands on social media as people under 30 years old. The average IG user is between 18- 23 years old. 90% of all IG users are younger than 35.

5- More than 4 billion people use social media sites. Facebook is the leading social networking site. Approximately 2.2 billion users are registered with an account. Instagram is also popular, with about 800 million daily users. Other top sites that you may wish to be a part of include Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn.

6- If you are a marketer, it is possible to buy followers for Instagram and other social media sites to increase clout and fan base. Many people are buying followers because they know it is an effective, low-cost building technique. You can buy followers for Instagram and join in on the fun!

7- More than $40 billion was spent on social media advertising in 2016. Approximately 28% of all businesses devote 20% of their marketing budget to social media marketing techniques.

8- There are 11 new people joining a social media networking site every 15 seconds! The average user has 7.6 networking accounts.

9- Want to place an ad on a social platform? The day of the week you choose to place the ad matters. Monday is the cheapest day of the week to place an ad, while Friday has found to be the most expensive day.

10- Use emojis and hashtags when posting on Instagram. This is where the trend developed after all. Most popular hashtags include #selfie, #love, #beautiful, and #photooftheday.

Did these states provide you with any new information? Hopefully, you learned plenty from these 10 stats. Obviously, there’s so much more than you can learn about social networking. Whether you are someone looking to have fun and socialize with friends or have a brand or talent to promote, there is no better way to do it in today’s digital world.